Ceramiche Toscane

Tuscan ceramics

Ceramics created by the best Tuscan artisans designed to beautify kitchens and last over time

All the colors used are non-toxic and of high quality with total absence of chrome


The production of our ceramics takes place in the artisan shops of Montelupo Fiorentino, in the famous “strada della ceramica“, near Florence.
Since the Renaissance, this place has been an important center for the production of artistic ceramics that has been able to blend tradition and modernity into products of quality and unique design. Even today, companies produce valuable objects that decorate the spaces of traditional and modern living.
The products, made entirely by hand with non-toxic colors by expert craftsmen, are certified by the quality mark. Through a search for selected handicraft products throughout the territory.

Funnel Oil cruets

Square Cruets

Elegant Classic Plate


Spaghetti Measure Tool


The family project of our company was born in 2005 from an idea of Cinzia, from which our brand takes its name. In Montelupo, she falls in love with these pottery, and decides to undertake, with that enthusiasm that distinguished her, a small local business in her husband’s already started business, transforming it and renewing it completely. After a short period, he decided to create a whole new line, full of vivid and gaudy colors, in stark contrast to the classic choices of the time. This then turns out to be a positive choice, found by the excellent appreciation from customers coming not only from Italy but also from abroad. The realization of this project was born with the aim of making what was a simple passion in a much wider business, through the research and enhancement of quality craft products, and pay tribute in the memory to the person who first believed in their potential.

Your Gifts

When you don’t know what to give here you’ll be spoilt for choice and you’ll definitely find a nice and useful gift

Barchetta Ashtray

Under Pot

Technical Information Of Ceramics Production

ALL products are completely hand-crafted, the processing time of the goods requires one to two weeks or more and may not always be available.

The colors used are àtoxic with total absence of chromium and therefore suitable for food use. It is always preferable to hand wash. The delicate cycle is recommended In the dishwasher.

If you are looking for some products not yet available in our online catalogue, such as different shapes, sizes, colors or quantities, you can contact us privately with a WhatsApp message and we will satisfy your requests.

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If you scrolled through our Facebook page and noticed something that you would like to buy but is not present in the store, contact us in private. We will give you all the information on the product and any costs without obligation.

Coffè Cups Collection

Coffè cups are among our most appreciated and sold ceramics rich in color combinations

ALL ceramics can be washed in the dishwasher and are made with natural raw materials and coloured with non-toxic products

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